• Becoming a partner, help the network
  • Becoming a YPAL
  • The partners, support of young people’s action
    The network’s activities are possible thanks to the contribution of associations, festivals, universities, professionals, institutions and local authorities. Each partner shows its real involvement by bringing its experience and the strength of its own network.

    Offering a structure for the meetings
    Every year, the YPAL members organize the main events of the network, according to the festivals and events proposed by their cultural partners. Since 2009, the YPAL members have met several times in Reims, Hamburg, Dublin and Brussels. In 2013, new meetings will be held in Turin and Sarajevo.

    Broadcast the news and allow the expansion of the network
    A call for membership is translated in every language of the network countries and advertised through the partners. They initiate the YPAL development in their country. After the constitution of a group, the partners remain precious support for the setting up of the activities of the network, especially at local level.

    Broadcast and enhance the network’s activities
    The YPAL members, through their exchanges, develop a reflection and express ideas they wish to convey to those who take part in the elaboration of cultural policies, particularly at European level. The partners have agreed to relay this work and to widespread its content as much as possible.
    Moreover, during the Festivals, dedicated times are planned in order to give YPAL members the possibility of making their artistic and cultural dialogue a reality.

    The effects of the YPAL network’s activities for the partners
    >> Experimentation of innovative initiatives.
    >> Reflection on the role of structures in the city.
    >> Renewal of policies towards different publics from different backgrounds.


    Contact Anne Goalard, President // +33 (0)3 26 48 66 95
    YPAL office, c/o Comédie de Reims,
    3 chaussée Bocquaine, 51100 Reims, France