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My project is called « A Theatre for Young People ».

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Thanks to Anne Goalard and Quentin Carrissimo-Bertola I discovered the YPAL network during an internship at La Comédie de Reims for Festival Reims Scènes d’Europe in 2011.

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YPAL meeting 2016

Reims Scènes d'Europe


The festival Reims Scènes d’Europe welcomes again the YPALs in this year. The members of the Young Perfoming Arts Lovers will meet for one weekend (from friday 29. january until sunday 31.january).

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YPAL Malmö 2015

Scenkonst biennalen, Malmö, May 26th to 31rd 2015

Swedish scenkonst biennalen Malmö 2015

Here an overview of the festival program that took place from 26 – 31 may 2015.

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YPAL Reims 2015

February 2015, Reims Scènes d'Europe

Le Corps du Spectateur - Atelier YPAL - Marinette Dozeville - Photo The stART media

The next Reims Scènes d’Europe festival to be held from February 5th to 21st will host a new YPAL International meeting of young spectators! More information will be available after the Summer…

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18 February 2016

Report : meeting about YPAL after Reims 2016

Reunion on Sunday
Reunion on Sunday

42 YPALs have gathered in Reims, France in January 2016. At the end of the week-end, they have had a discussion about the project in the future. Hannah (Germany), Oriane (France), Anne (General Delegate of the Festival), Quentin (France), Oskar (Germany), Pia (Germany), Lucie (Germany), Milan (Bosnia), Jelena (Bosnia), Alexandra (France), Claire (France), Hélène (France), Pierre-Yves (France), Maria (Spain), Jennifer (France), Janne (Germany), Florian (France), Lena (Germany), Johanna (Germany), Sophie (Belgique), Pauline (France), Julia (France) were there.

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3 February 2016

YPAL 2016 in Reims – What happened?

Reunion on Sunday

Like every year, the international weekend with the YPAL group in Reims unfortunately came to an end. This year we were about 40 people, including 2 Spanish, 2 Bosnia, lots of French and lots of Germans, who participated in the festival Reims Scènes d’Europe for one weekend.

You’re going to read my personal description in this article. There will be another article of the Future-YPAL stuff we gathered on our reunion sunday!

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26 January 2016

Le Bocal – Lieu de rencontres


Le Bocal, salle qui se trouve au sous-sol de la Comédie et qui comporte des canapés et des fauteuils est bien préparée pour votre arrivée vendredi et pour les ateliers de chroniques avec Christophe Candoni.

L’atmosphère chaleureuse donne envie de boire une tasse de thé ou de café et bien sûr pour bavarder avec les autres membres d’YPAL !

Agnès et Oriane, qui s’occupent du votre bien-être, se sont déjà installées confortablement sur les canapés.

- Hannah


26 January 2016

Le Bocal – Meeting place


The small saloon in La Comédie’s basement “Bocal” with its comfortable couches and armchairs is well-prepared for your arriving on Friday. Also the “chronic” workshop of Christophe Candoni will be held there.

A relaxing atmosphere invites to drink a cup of tea or coffee and of course to chat with other members of the YPAL group.

Agnès and Oriane who are taking care for your well-being already made themselves comfortable on the sofas.



See you on Friday!

– Hannah

18 January 2016

TERRORisms – Festival international – YPALs à Stuttgart – 2015

groupe photo
Atelier de réception du spectacle “We chew on the bones of time”

TERRORisms était le nom de dernier festival du théâtre international, qui s’est passé à Stuttgart de 24.-28. Juin en 2015. Encore une fois les YPALs étaient invités par l’organisation « Union des Théâtres des l’Europe » (U.T.E.) à aller voir les spectacles de 5 villes de 5 pays différents : Oslo, Tel-Aviv, Belgrade, Stuttgart et Reims.

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