New feature 2021 : Zoom Meetings YPAL

Collegiality is the watchword of YPAL Encounters 2021

We organise one Wednesday every 3 weeks a ZOOM YPAL meeting at 6.45 pm.

These times will allow us to work together to develop the 2021 Meetings, its programme, the workshops, as well as the progress in the YPAL network..

This practice of co-elaboration is, in our opinion, fundamental for the future of the YPAL network. 

An agenda will be sent out one week before each meeting, which can of course be modified according to the feedback from everyone. 
Recepts will also be sent one week after the meeting.  

Dates of upcoming meetings :

  • – Wednesday 4 November 2020 18:45.
  • – Wednesday 25 November 2020 18:45.
  • – Wednesday 16 December 2020 18:45.

if you wish to participate in these meetings: contact

We look forward to seeing many of you,

Félix Vannarath