The Reims Charter, December 2011

Adoption de la charte de Reims  ©Romain Heurtaut-Puppetto

We are an international network of young spectators who reflect upon the aesthetical and political impact of performing arts in Europe.

We believe in the importance of art and culture in the internal mechanism and development of every society.

We know that diversity is our wealth and our strength in the context of the European construction.

This network is our social and political commitment, our citizen act.

We prove that even during times of crisis, the sharing of values and international collaboration is possible and necessary.

We would like to restore and maintain performance venues to their central place in city life: a place to meet, share, experience emotion, reflect and get involved.

This network is open to everybody.

We promote the critical and active spectator.

We use innovative coordination and group discussion techniques, and thus experiment with active democracy methods.

We advocate for listening, transmitting, respect and comprehension of others inside and outside of the network.

Personal ambition has no place inside the network, we carry our common interest together.

The neutrality of our position in relation to partner institutions and the performing arts economy is the guarantee of our freedom and manoeuvring space.

Adopted unanimously the 4th of December 2011
at l’Atelier de la Comédie de Reims, France

The Reims Charter has been translated in 8 different languages.
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