NEW PROJECT : Long live Europe! To live Europe!

Thanks to Anne Goalard and Quentin Carrissimo-Bertola I discovered the YPAL network during an internship at La Comédie de Reims for Festival Reims Scènes d’Europe in 2011.

I helped Anne and Quentin to organize the meeting during the festival. Then I participated in YPAL meeting in Hambourg in 2012. My studies and some jobs took me far from the network’s life. But I always kept the contact with Anne and Quentin and I followed all the YPAL’s news.

My attendance in Reims at the last YPAL meeting was an opportunity to take part actively in the network’s life and to repeat my commitment in YPAL’s development.

I agree with the YPAL’s charter adopted in Reims in 2011 and my professional project wants to extend the development of European networks as YPAL. I am working for the creation of a Youth Theatre which gives young Europeans the opportunity to gather around their passion for theatre and performing arts.




  My project is called « A Theatre for Young People ».



With frien

ds, I am working hard to create a theatre « FOR and BY » young people in Bordeaux. The goals are simple:

ð  Create shows « for and by » young people,

ð  Broadcast shows for young audience,

ð  Give young people the taste and the passion for theatre and performing arts.


I invite you to discover more about the project on its website:

The French version:

The English version:

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The aim o

f the project is to provide theatre arts experiences to young people in France. I believe in the democratization of culture. That’s mean Arts and Culture is not only for elite but for all the people. And with this project I would like to enlarge theatre’s audience. I would like to give young people the opportunity to play, to experiment acting in a real theatre with professionals.

Acting as an amateur is a good way to reinforce self-esteem, to discover others, to develop personal skills and in particular communication skills. Acting seems to me important to work with other people, to be icommitted and responsible, to take part of the political decisions in a democratic way,…

I believe in Europe. And I believe the YPAL’s network can build a more human, more generous, more united European people. So naturally, I believe in the growth of our network. It seems to me important to develop the network in a large scale. I think we have to find a more structured way to build the network and to have more influence in the society. I think, we can engage more young people in all European countries.

With friends in Bordeaux, I propose to work to create and develop a local network. Thanks to this local network and thanks to you, all YPALs of all countries, we will work to organize an Y

PAL meeting in Bordeaux in the next year! So I wrote a Call for all performing lovers from the region Aquitaine-Limousin-Poitou-Charentes.

I invite you to share this Call!

I invite you to follow my project on Twitter and Facebook and if you have questions about it, feel free to send me an e-mail! I will answer you with pleasure!


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