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Would you like to make my portrait? Olivia Hernaiz – By Amanda Vandyck

A review of Faraway festival shows by YPAL The last thing I expected to do on a Sunday morning was draw a stranger’s portrait. Although I had been participating in the YPALs conference for a few days by then, my … Continue reading

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La Présent qui déborde O agora que demora Notre odyssée II, Christiane Jatahy – by Amanda VanDyck

I really had no idea what to expect when I sat down in my seat. After walking with the other YPALs to the theater at l’atelier, I realized that I really had not done my homework. And while normally that … Continue reading

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Hate Radio: La Banalité du Mal – by Sophie Harrington

For as long as I can remember, a common theme of my history classes has been atrocity. Atrocity,  whether described by way of a particular historical moment or in a theoretical perspective, is often  linked to the failure of democracy … Continue reading

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Congo – by Marie Holzer

The region now called the Democratic Republic of Congo has been called many names throughout history. Each of the names marks a step in the colonisation and abuses it has experienced. The performance, written by the Congolese choreographer and director … Continue reading

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All the world’s in Reims│An insider takes on the FARaway Festival’s YPAL program – by Christina Piliouni

For a student, especially an international who still struggles to perfect her subjonctif, Reims can prove a challenging city to explore. Not because it doesn’t have things to offer -quite on the contrary- but rather because it is incredibly easy … Continue reading

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A Lesson in the Banality of Evil – by Jeppe Damberg

In Denmark little thought is given to African history, both contemporary and old. As a Danish student I was never expected to, tested in, or confronted with any history south of Italy. The atrocities that found their ways into our … Continue reading

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SAVE THE DATE : YPAL meeting in Reims the 1, 2, 3 february 2019 !

The Reims Scènes d’Europe Festival is welcoming us from the Friday night to the Sunday for an incredible week-end full of shows, debates, workshops, great people and most important smiles! PLEASE SUBSCRIBE HERE! Keep updated about the festival here. Download the draft program. TEMPORARY … Continue reading

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Meeting with Marion Betriu and Natalia Alvarez Simó, directors of Teatros del Canal

Anne Goalard and Alice Faure-Dumont met Marion Betriu and Natalia Alvarez Simó at the Teatros del Canal to talk about the creation of a Spanish YPAL group. After the presentation of the YPAL network and its ambitions, we communicated to … Continue reading

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L’Europe de Julien Allouf – Par Teresa Artjoki

  In the midst of heated political debate, photographer and actor Julien Allouf presents a fresh perspective on European identity with his exhibition “Europia #2”, with the scenography of James Brandily. Having spent 4 years exploring the European capitals, Allouf … Continue reading

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